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Session 1
09:00[5] Welcome Matthew Colless
09:05[20+5]Progress report on the 6dF Galaxy Survey Heath Jones
09:30[20+5]The VPH upgrade (and other matters) Will Saunders
09:55[20+5]Evaluation of 6dF data Lesa Moore
10:20[20] Discussion Chair: Fred Watson
10:40[30] Break  
Session 2
11:10[20+5]Constraints on cosmological parameters from the 6dFGS Matthew Colless
11:35[20+5]Wiener reconstruction of galaxy redshift surveys Pirin Erdogdu
12:00[20+5]The 2MASS Galaxy Catalog Tom Jarrett
12:25[20] Discussion Chair: Will Saunders
12:45[75] Lunch  
Session 3
14:00[20+5]Radio sources in the 6dFGS Tom Mauch
14:25[20+5]The significance of σ8 and ΩM measurementsSarah Bridle
14:50[20+5]The future of Schmidt telescope science Fred Watson
15:15[20] Discussion Chair: Tom Jarrett
15:35[25] Break  
Session 4
16:00[60] General discussion Chair: Matthew Colless
17:00 Close  

Matthew Colless,, Tue, 29 Jul 2003, 11:02:57